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  • Morgan Stanley
    Canary Wharf


  • Client:CBRE
  • Location:Morgan Stanley, Canary Wharf
  • Project:Abseiling balcony Cleaning 5779
  • Predicted Program:Two Days


  • The Client also benefitted from GRS experience of delivering works in hard to reach areas. No anchored points or cradle access made the area an issue. GRS use Weighted man safe abseiling systems allowing operatives to abseil in any environment. CBRE benefited from GRS Weighted man safe abseiling systems what allowed the area to be cleaned and De-weeded.
  • GRS used Eco- Friendly cleaning solution Viro-sol to minimum environmental impact as well as cleaning the area.


GRSONE were instructed to clean and de-weed balcony areas and abseil clean windows associated that were hard to reach.


We were instructed to de-weed and clean four high level balcony's on 20 bank street. Cleaning the balcony's of dirt and grime would mean the external windows would become dirty so GRS added window clean to the scope of works, Windows are high level and would require abseiling from roof access using weighted man safe system to comply with health and safety regulations. Weather conditions were a concern when access the windows via abseiling, we were vigilant and checked weather reports before works where to commence.

The area was a nesting ground for Seagulls and had to wait for the eggs to hatch and leave the area, GRS were still on high alert and ensured we did not disturb the nesting area as well as being aware to stop the works in the Seagulls returned.

Balcony area had not been cleaned for a number of years and limited access meant the area was over grown and had layers of moss and grime, by accessing the area via abseiling allowed us to get where the cradle was unable to reach.

GRS completed the works within the time frame agreed to maintatin a clean office area.

GRSONE done an great job de-weeding and cleaning our four high level balconies and windows. From the moment I contacted GRSONE for a quote to the completion of the job, the customer service and quality of service exceeded my expectations.

The team at GRSONE displayed a remarkable attention to detail in their work, even when we had to cancel jobs due to weather they returned with no complaints.

They removed dirt and stains which had been there for years! The result was nothing short of impressive

The costs provided and for the service we received, I can confidently say that your services are worth every penny.

Rachel Brooks CBRE Group