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  • J.P.Morgan


  • Client:JLL
  • Location:J.P.Morgan Chase, Edinburgh
  • Project:Flat Roof Replacement Scheme (Sika)
  • Predicted Program:12 weeks


  • The project involved several key tasks aimed at enhancing the efficiency and longevity of the roofing system. Benefits included reducing standing water through a tapered scheme and the integration of an additional siphonic outlet, ensuring thorough testing and commissioning of the roof drainage siphonic system, installing new perimeter powder-coated cappings to improve durability, implementing pest-proofing measures, and securing a new 25-year Sika Warranty. Furthermore, the project encompasses the establishment of new upstand and termination details, electronic testing to confirm watertightness, installation of new lightning protection tapes, and testing and commissioning of the Mansafe system. Additionally, the project involves the implementation of new flat warm roof insulation and membrane, installation of a new walkway, replacement of cappings to address standing water issues, and the incorporation of new pest-proofing measures, including additional upstand and termination details for upstands and cable penetrations.


The JP Morgan 3 Lochside Edinburgh Roofing Project, undertaken for Jones Lang Lasalle, presented a myriad of challenges that required meticulous planning and strategic execution to ensure the successful replacement of the flat warm roof. Located at J.P. Morgan Chase, Edinburgh, the project aimed to implement a new insulation and single-ply roof membrane, enhance safety measures, and address standing water issues, new cappings among other objectives. The predicted program duration was set at 12 weeks.


Despite the challenges faced, the project yielded significant benefits. A new insulation and single-ply roof membrane were successfully implemented, addressing standing water issues. The Mansafe system was tested and commissioned for enhanced safety. New cappings, lightning protection tapes, and pest-proofing measures were installed, accompanied by a 25-year Sika warranty. The roof walkway and fall arrest posts received additional weathering, and the entire system was electronically tested and confirmed watertight.


The JP Morgan 3 Lochside Edinburgh Roofing Project stands as a testament to effective risk management and strategic planning. By navigating through challenges, the project not only met its objectives but also delivered additional safety enhancements and long-term benefits. The successful execution of this project highlights the importance of proactive risk mitigation and adaptability in complex construction endeavours.