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  • The Brunswick Centre


  • Location:The Brunswick Centre, London
  • Predicted Program:19 weeks


  • The client has benefited from GRSONE's expertise in providing high-end sealant works. The Brunswick Centre had old, deteriorating sealant that needed replacement in hard-to-reach areas. GRSONE's experienced abseiling team was able to access these areas, completing the work with minimal disruption to the public.


The client wanted to upgrade the building's appearance and repair damaged, cracked sealant joints that had developed over the years due to weathering and movement.


The activities were executed over 19 weeks, beginning with an Arbosil pre-start survey for specifications and warranty purposes. Visits were conducted to test GRSONE applications. To minimize the impact on local residents and tenants, work on the balconies was carried out by abseilers. All sealant was removed using either hand tools or powered hand tools. Joints were then primed with Arbosil Primer 2650, left for a minimum of one hour before backing foam was installed, and Arbosil MP20 Grey was applied using barrel guns.