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  • Location:The Brunswick Centre, London


  • GRSONE's experienced abseiling team assisted the client with poster removal and installation at their flagship site. The GRSONE abseiling rescue team was on standby for 14 hours a day every other weekend while the client's cradle was experiencing issues. The client benefited from GRSONE's on-site presence, enabling them to continue their bi-weekly work without interruption.


The client's cradle was not operating correctly, necessitating an abseiling rescue team on standby in case the cradle failed and could not descend to ground level for worker exit. GRSONE developed a rescue plan and remained on standby for the duration of the works.


GRSONE meticulously set up abseiling rigging at strategically spaced-out locations around the work area to ensure comprehensive coverage and accessibility. The team carefully monitored the client's team throughout the project, providing continuous oversight to ensure that the rescue plan was being executed safely and effectively. This proactive approach included regular safety checks, detailed briefings, and real-time adjustments to the rigging setup as needed. By maintaining a vigilant presence and collaborating closely with the client's team, GRSONE ensured that all safety protocols were adhered to, minimizing risks and ensuring the well-being of all workers involved in the project.