The Bank of New York Mellon Centre

Electrical & mechanical de-commissioning at US bank's London premises
Close to Blackfriars Underground station, this vast centre is the home of Bank of New York Mellon Asset Servicing (BNY Mellon) who provide performance and risk analytics to investors worldwide.  

A recommendation led to GRS being contracted to de-commission two redundant areas in the building. GRS took just 5 days, with all works to complete the programme being carried out during evenings and night time to ensure no disruption to the bank’s operations.  

Electrical de-commissioning
The GRS team removed two fan coil units and three supply cables which had fed an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The UPS system was dismantled and removed together with all batteries,  associated wiring and containment. The power supplies to the fan coil units were removed and made-ready for mechanical strip-out, whilst the power circuits located under the computer room floor, which had supplied the data cabinets, were isolated and the cables and outlets removed.  

Mechanical de-commissioning
Two fan coil units featuring copper pipe work, which were drained and capped off at a point local to the units, were removed from this area, whilst two roof-side condenser units were drained of all refrigerant and, once made safe, removed from the area. The duct work and accompanying brackets and lagging were also dismantled and disposed of.  

Once removed, materials from both projects were disposed of responsibly with all waste transfer documents forwarded to the client to give an audited paper trail of works undertaken.


Services provided

London EC4

Contract value:

November 2008