The Gherkin

Repair to fire barrier to iconic London building
As a preferred contractor with many years’ experience working with numerous large facilities management companies, GRS was called in to assess damage to an office entrance area within the 40-storey Swiss Re Building which, due to its shape has been dubbed ‘The Gherkin’.The building holds the London offices of the global re-insurer company Swiss Re as well as many leading investment banks.

Following the discovery of a water leak from the floor above, GRS was commissioned to undertake a survey of the affected area. This highlighted the fact that the leak resulted in the fire barrier in the ceiling void being compromised, due to water damage. Additionally, water had discoloured some ceiling tiles and subsequently damaged the paint work to the adjacent area as well as warping an oak door set.

GRS was contracted to repair the compromised fire barrier and to replace ceiling tiles on part of the ceiling, as well as constructing a new oak door set to match the existing one.  The damaged fire barrier above the ceiling was replaced by GRS’ professional fire-stopping team, whilst the adjacent wall was re-decorated to match existing paintwork by GRS decorators. With no spare ceiling tiles to replace the discoloured tiles, GRS removed the affected ceiling tiles, re-coated them to match the rest and finally refitted them.

The installation side of the project took just two days from start to completion and was undertaken during out-of-office hours to ensure no disruption to workers and visitors to the building.


Services provided

Swiss Re Building (aka The Gherkin) Central London

Contract value:

December 2008